A Smoothness FXTMG Exclusive

HUBx is a bespoke platform created from scratch by Smoothness FXTMG with fund managers and their clients in mind.

With its cutting edge futuristic functions, it helps fund managers manage their clients along with their risk allocations more efficiently and easily.

It's advanced portfolio adjustment tools help clients take full control of their investments in an easy and intuitive manner.

A Unified Dashboard

HUBx boasts a comprehensive unified dashboard that allows fund managers to monitor all the accounts under them along with important key statistics which include:

  • Name of Client
  • Net Value
  • Allocated proportion

Advanced Controls, Simple Interface

HUBx brings advanced portfolio management controls to the hands of its users. Clients can easily monitor and manage their positions along with adjusting their risk allocations.

HUBx's smart logs and journals keep track of all important transaction information - this provides a truly transparent environment for clients to monitor their trading performance.

Advanced Controls, Simple Interface

Trading Class

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